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There are few ways to change the password, of your Wordpress admin control panel

Changing Wordpress password via Wordpress admin panel

If you have access to the admin panel, log in and click on "Update Profile"


Changing Wordpress password without access to the admin panel

The password-reset page is generally located at:


where “domain.tld” is the location of your WordPress installation. Once you request a new password,

an email is sent to the email account with which you registered. In that email is a link to reset your password,

which is finally sent back to your email account. 

Changing Wordpress password via phpMyadmin

1.Log in your control panel

2.Go to phpMyadmin

3.Browse the database created for your Wordpress and find the “wp_users” table

4.Click on the user you want to edit

5.Go to "user_pass" and under Function chose MD5

6.Enter your new pass and click "Go"

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